How to get

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Step by step how to get from the metro station "Miramar"

To leave from metro station "Miramar" this be in sight. Looking to the west of the city. In that direction is the beach. A few blocks away.

Corner "Von Schroeder" with "Viana"

On leaving the metro station, you must cross the street and turn left, cross over and be among "Von Schroeder" with "Viana".
Moving down for "Viana" towards the west (towards the beach).


Moving down for street "Viana" you will find "Café Journal". This corner is "Viana" with "Agua Santa". "Agua Santa" is a hill.

"Agua Santa"

Climb "Agua Santa" to "Diego Portales". In the corner there is a headquarter of the "Viña del Mar University".

"Diego Portales"

At the corner of "Diego Portales" there is a headquarter of the "Viña del Mar University". Cross the road and start climbing down the street "Diego Portales".

"Diego Portales"

Climb down the street "Diego Portales" has a forward curve.

"Diego Portales"

Follow "Diego Portales". You will find another headquarter of the "Viña del Mar University". Further progress by "Diego Portales".

"Diego Portales"

After passing the 2nd headquarter of the "Viña del Mar University," there will be a curve, follow the curve, 90 meters find the street "Toro Herrera" on your right.

"Toro Herrera"

This is the corner of "Toro Herrera" with "Diego Portales".
Turn right and go up "Toro Herrera"

"Toro Herrera"

Once in "Toro Herrera" up the hill 140 meters find the hostel.